Freezing Warts

Freezing warts one of the most common ways that you can use to get rid of that wart. But how does it really work? Is it hard to do, will it make sure that the wart will not come back? And in the first place how did you get that wart anyway? These are all fantastic questions and one that many people will be asking at some point when they have a wart.

First off, there are products out there today that allow you to freeze the warts off yourself. There are mixed reactions with these products. Usually, you would use the applicator on the wart for 20-40 seconds. Follow the instructions on the bottle for the best treatment. You may also decide to have a doctor do the procedure. The doctor however may have access to liquid nitrogen. Liquid nitrogen is great for getting rid of warts. The freezing of warts is generally a fast procedure.

The procedure of freezing warts is going to cut off the food that is being supplied to that wart. Basically, a wart will be fed by your own blood, and to cut that supply off you will freeze the wart. Once this occurs, the wart will die and fall off.

Whether you go to your doctor or do this yourself with a over the counter treatments you will have the same reactions to the procedure. The first thing that will happen after using the liquid nitrogen is that there will be a blister that will form over the wart. This is quite common and you may notice a little bit of burning too. Don’t worry it is all natural and common, be sure not to pop that blister though. Breaking of the blister is a way that you may cause the skin under that location to become infected with the HPV virus that caused the blister to begin with.

A good job of freezing warts will cause a very small blister to form. This blister will change color through the coming days. In just a few days you will be able to notice a tint of red inside the blister. It may take a few days but eventually that fluid that is inside the blister is going to be re-absorbed into the body. At that point the blister will become darker in color and will eventually dry out completely.

Don’t mess with that dead skin from the freezing warts procedure, though you will want to peel it off. Again, that may cause the wart to grow back, so even if you have to place a bandage over the spot to keep from picking it, do so. The skin will go back to normal in about a week or two so just let it go so that you do not open up the chance of having another wart.

After freezing warts, you should see that a blister appears within a couple of hours. If this occurs, the procedure is working and you are well on your way to getting rid of that wart!